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Gabriel De Bortoli

With a Master's degree in International Media, Gabriel started out in the marketing team of the French distribution company Ad Vitam. He moved on to cover the film festivals of Locarno, Venice and Toronto for the international publicist Richard Lormand. He then joined Rendez Vous, managed by Viviana Andriani, covering both the international and French press. Since 2017, Gabriel has applied his creative and marketing expertise to the development of L’Avventura Studio. In charge of the creation of marketing campaigns and content design, Gabriel provides distributors with social media assets for film releases in France, as well as digital marketing strategies for international sales.

Viviana Andriani

Born in Italy and based in Paris since 1995, Viviana Andriani works as a film publicist via her own PR company, Rendez Vous. Viviana, who holds a French Master’s degree in Cultural Management and an Italian Economics degree, worked for three years in the museum field for arts establishments in Italy. In 2009, she created Rendez Vous, an agency specialized in international and domestic film publicity, talents and events. In 2017 she expanded into digital marketing. Since 2020, digital marketing activities operate under the new L’Avventura Studio label.

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Branded content agency specialised
in social media strategies for films

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